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Dome Magic - Rain Fade Solution Single Use

SKU: 1830-SP

    Now you can eliminate the negative effects of rain and dew on open satellite dishes and dome systems.

    Rain and morning dew can have a negative effect on satellite signal reception making the digital picture from the satellite freeze, pixel or go out altogether. This loss of signal is commonly referred to as “rain fade”. King Controls has developed an easy to use, long-lasting solution that eliminates the negative effects of rain and dew on open satellite dishes and dome systems. Apply “Dome Magic” to the dome unit or dish and LNB of open dish systems to provide unmatched protection from rain & dew.


    • Eliminates rain fade
    • Easy to use wipe
    • Long-lasting
    • Patent pending


    1. Clean dome cover with soap and water (remove bugs and debris).
    2. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely.
    3. Wipe entire dome cover with denatured alcohol.  This removes any soap residue and any remaining oil and grease.
    4. Allow alcohol to dry.
    5. Wipe Dome Magic in a circular motion approximately 6-12 inches from surface.  (Air temperature should be between 60-110 degrees Fahrenheit and it should be a calm day.)
    6. Allow to dry for 20 minutes.  A second coat may be used.  It is recommended that a heavier coat is applied to the top of the dome.

    An application will last until washed off (approximately 6 months of normal use; longer if the vehicle is stored indoors or used in a drier climate).  Once the dome is treated, it should not be touched.  Do not power spray or wipe.  Friction will remove the spray and the dome will need to be re-treated.

    Dome Magic does not cause any deterioration of the dome cover.  Nor does it affect either a fiberglass or rubber roof.



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